Announced on July 27, Hamilton RNG Holdings, LLC broke ground at the site of their new food waste digester project, which will produce renewable natural gas (RNG). Hamilton RNG is a joint venture owned by a subsidiary of UGI Energy Services, LLC (UGIES), a subsidiary of UGI Corporation, and Synthica Energy, LLC (Synthica).

The food waste digester, Synthica St. Bernard, is Hamilton RNG’s first project of this kind.  The digester is expected to be completed in late calendar 2024 and will process approximately 190,000 annual tons of food waste from food manufacturers in an anaerobic digester.  Once completed, the project will have the capacity to generate approximately 250,000 MMBTUs (million BTUs) of pipeline-quality RNG annually. The RNG produced will be injected into a local natural gas pipeline on the regional distribution system.

Full press release at this link.