Synthica Co-Founder Grant Gibson recently disucssed renewable natural gas with Mindful Businesses Podcast Host Vidhya Iyer.

Episode Summary: Natural gas used to heat our homes, cook our meals and sometimes even to move our cars comprises mainly of Methane – a know greenhouse gas. While we go on this journey to reduce the reliance on fossil fuels and green house gasses, there needs to be a sustainable alternative to conventional natural gas. The anaerobic activities in landfills creates Renewable Natural Gas (RNG). RNG is a hundred percent match to conventional natural gas and can thus be piped and supplied using the existing natural gas distribution pipelines. We talk with Grant Gibson, co-founder and CDO of Synthica Energy – that does exactly that. Their anaerobic digestion facilities receive industrial food wastes, organic by-products, brewery washout and they use them to produce biogas for commercial power plants.