New facility will divert more than 300,000 tons of waste from local landfills annually when completed; groundbreaking planned for Q2 2024

CINCINNATI, December 12, 2023 — (BUSINESS WIRE) — Synthica Energy, a leading developer of anaerobic digestion facilities that convert organic waste into renewable natural gas (RNG), has received an Air Quality Permit from the Georgia Department of Natural Resources for its new facility in Rome, Georgia. Located at W. Hermitage Rd NE & Old Shannon Rd. in Floyd County, the new facility will divert up to 300,000 tons of industrial organic waste each year when completed. The permit paves the way for Synthica to break ground at the site in Q2 2024, with operations expected to begin in late 2025.

The Air Quality Permit was issued for the purpose of establishing enforceable emission limitations and covers the full operation of an anaerobic digestion facility consisting of two digesters, two tanks, and a boiler. Synthica is currently working with manufacturers across Greater Atlanta on contracts to handle their organic waste feedstocks, including everything from food and beverage manufacturing byproducts and expired/damaged produce to spent yeast, expired beer and other depackaged beverage products.

“The approval of the air permit for Synthica Energy’s anaerobic digestion facility in Rome, Georgia, marks a significant milestone in our commitment to sustainable development,” said Missy Kendrick, President & CEO, Rome Floyd County Development Authority. “The partnership with Synthica aligns with our mission to foster innovation and environmental responsibility. Our existing and future industries now have a resource to support their environmentally friendly corporate policies. Together, we are shaping a cleaner, more resilient future for Rome and Floyd County. This project exemplifies our dedication to progressive industry practices that benefit both our community and the planet. We look forward to the positive impact this venture will bring to our region.”

The anaerobic digester like the one being built in Rome will use time-tested technology that transforms waste into renewable energy. Synthica has already broken ground on its flagship location in Cincinnati, Ohio, and is developing similar facilities in a dozen other markets, including San Antonio, Houston, New Orleans and Louisville.

“Demand for a facility like this is significant across the Atlanta region,” said Grant Gibson, co-founder and chief development officer at Synthica Energy. “Despite being home to hundreds of manufacturers, there are currently no anaerobic digestion plants within 50 miles of downtown Atlanta. That means operating a food and beverage manufacturing plant in this region is more expensive than other markets because of the increased cost of hauling away and disposing of byproducts. Combine that cost savings with the environmental impact of anaerobic digestion and the new production of RNG, and this solution is a win for manufacturers, for the Rome community and for the environment.”

About Synthica Energy

Synthica Energy is a renewable natural gas (RNG) development company focused on the creation of anaerobic digestion facilities across the United States. Founded in 2017, Synthica is developing facilities in Cincinnati, Atlanta, San Antonio, New Orleans, Louisville and other urban markets and has long-term agreements in place to manage waste from leading manufacturers in those regions. To learn more, visit

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