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Recycled Organics

Synthica will take in hundreds of thousands of tons of useful organic feedstocks destined for landfills or water treatment plants.

Green Power

We will provide clean, renewable natural gas to the utility grid, equivalent to heating thousands of homes.

Clean Water

We will output clean water from our facilities, as well as natural fertilizer that can be used in place of petroleum-based fertilizers.


How does Synthica Energy make a difference in the marketplace by helping provide new solutions for manufacturing waste material? Our CEO and Co-Founder Sam Schutte explains.


Poised for Growth

There are currently close to 9,000 anaerobic digestion facilities in Germany alone, and over 1,500 operating in the USA.

Trusted Process

AD is the best way to extract the energy potential of feedstocks otherwise being discarded, with simple, off-the-shelf technology.

Safer to Operate

With modern engineering and safety systems, AD plants are some of the safest renewable energy facilities to operate.


AD is fully compatible with existing energy and gas grid systems, and requires no special grid upgrades or enhancements.


“Anaerobic digestion represents a huge opportunity to grow the footprint of renewable energy in the United States using off-the-shelf components and feedstocks that are otherwise wasted.”

“Consumption of fossil-based pipeline gas emits millions of metrics tons of CO2 per year into the atmosphere, and drives costly extraction processes such as fracking – our renewable biomethane fuels are a win-win for both the environment and the economy.”



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